0148 - jetaime

Soal cinta. Tiada siapa tahu tentang hati aku. Once I like someone and I told to a friend. And guess what she telling to everyone. Yeah, it no longer a secret. Just a dust. My fault cause too much put a trust on someone whom I do not expect to reveal my secretzzzz. Whatever it is, its already over and in silent I'm forgiving you babe but next time you won't be able being my secret store. I'm sorry. Okay done. Next part, aku tak tahu la aku normal ke tak, its been a year I haven't fallen love to someone. No jokes babe. Suka dan cinta tu lain. Yang aku discuss pasal loveeee okay heheee. Tuhan belum buka hati aku nak bagi sesape space kot. Sometimes, seeing your friends with the boys make you feel awkward right. Hmmm maybe I'm feel lonely kot. But thats okay cz I love myself and I have a super great friends around me. Can I married with myself? Yeah, bylaa insane. Mana ada orang kahwin dengan diri sendiri. Best pe single. No jealous-jealous at all and no kongkongan at all. I'm wondering hows A at out there? Is he okay? Hmmm, maybe dia dah lupa aku kot. Takpela, kita kan membe. Tak kecik hati pun kau tak contact lagi. Masing-masing ada komitmen. I'm just wondering je kay hahahaha. Hopefully you're in the pink. You give me so much advice and how can I forget all those useful advice. Looks like I'm need your advice again now and cheer me up like before, maybe? Macam stupidos pulak cakap macamni. Words can lie but heart can't weh. Once you pernah be my rainbow sampai bila-bila aku ingat. Hmmm I'm so touch with all those texts that once makes me happy to the max. Yeah, I'm still keep it. The reason why I'm still using the baling-kucing-fon is all those text yang pernah buat aku happy ada dalam tu. Masa sedih, kuatkan hati baca balik semua text-text tu dari orang-orang yang pernah ceriakan aku dedulu. Tapi, I'm too late for these. I'm just lose them in a blink of an eye. Cz my fault. Okaylah stop fikir pasal tu. Move on bylaaaaaa, mungkin diorang rindu kau kot sebabtu kau rindu diorang. Think positive. I'm just wanna say, esp to the people that I can't mention here, thanks and y'all already makes me stronger than before. Seriously, without these experiences I'm probably weaker to have a smile. All the tears flown are just a drop of ocean. Hoping that all of us were succeed in life. Thanks for making my life cheerful and being one of le puzzle of my life. Missing some pieces of puzzles quite makes me sad and tear me apart sometimes but also its okay cz everything happen for a reason and keep move on. I learn a lot from mistakes and I'm just keeps getting better day to day. Thanks Allah S.W.T for let me breathe and for everything that you gave to me. Alhamdulillah.