0143 - mess

6th September. Its been a year and two years of excitement day. It should be my happy day. But everything just screwed up and I'm not really impressed with these kind of thingy. Yeah, I'm strong. Its time for me to think my own reason. And I'm just....okay or else hmmm yeah I'm fine. Nothing to worried about.

Dear Heart, please be strong. You're the best ever listeners of my prob. Yeah you're strong.

It began with smile. I walked to the door and open and I saw the sunshine but suddenly the grey cloud come out and the thunder began to storm. The sunshine hide and no longer seen. The only thing that can be seen only drops of rain, maybe thousand drops of rain. Theres a part where the droplets gath each other in a some place and it can't stand no longer because someday this strong heart were brittle off. And no longer can be built. No longer. There were no sounds of fury. Screams are gone and all were just nothing.

Afterwards, the wind of hope come up and help to stand by protecting le weak heart from brittle again and there were no sound of fury again only just a hope. Hope is hope. No fate of luck or what. Just a hope that could you believe when theres no supports were thrown. At the end it just away like a dust and grew as thorn that if you touch then its bleed.

Let's mess?